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Applying For A Property

Applying For A Property


When you find the right property, you will need to complete a Tenancy Application Form. You may need to provide copies of identification copies to the value of 100 points with your application. For example, a Driver License, ATM card, credit card and a bill addressed to you at your current address.


To download Harcourts Astute Application Form Please Click Here.



Quality tenant selection


We are selective & discerning when it comes to maintaining the quality of our tenants.

  • A detailed screening process starts with…
  • 100-point identification check
  • Previous and current rental history
  • Current Employment
  • Personal & Business references history
  • Confirmation of earnings
  • Visa Information
  • Next of kin/emergency contact


As members of Equifax (Veda) we can access information on defaulting tenants. We also source up to date prospective tenant’s previous rental records. After applicants are fully referenced, we encourage you take part in the selection and decision process.



Tenancy agreement


We do care to find the best suited match as a tenant. The Residential Tenancies Act requires a tenancy agreement to be signed by all persons living at the premises along with the Managing Agent to sign on behalf of the landlord.

Terms of the tenancy is usually six (6) or twelve (12) months. One (1) weeks letting fee is payable for each new application. We offer tenants three (3) forms of payment to ensure convenience and elimination of excuses. Direct Debt, Payment Direct to Trust Account & Bank Cheque. Tenants are required to pay two (2) weeks rent in advance when they are approved for a property.





Only the people (and the number of people) included on your tenancy agreement are permitted to reside at the property on a permanent basis. Should a tenant wish to move in or out you are required to notify us in writing immediately. Please note, a new tenant will need to be approved through the application process prior to moving in.





The rental bond is requested as financial protection should there be a breach in the tenancy agreement. Your rental bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority. The bond is held as security against any property damage, undue wear and tear or in the event there is money owing at the end of tenancy. Once it is established that all conditions of the tenancy have been met, the bond will be refunded promptly. The amount of bond payable is specified in the tenancy agreement. Please note, the bond required may increase where there is a rent increase.