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What To Expect?

Our Service To You


We believe that familiarising you with how we manage your property will form the foundation of a strong working relationship. Equally as important, is what we consider are the responsibilities of our owners and tenants to assure a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties. The following are some of our benefits and services we promise, along with some valuable information on what you can do to attract and retain great tenants.



Quality tenant selection


inding the right tenant for your investment property requires us to leave no stone unturned. The many websites and portals we advertise on are far reaching, however because there are thousands of investment properties listed online, tenants use search criteria to create a shortlist of properties to view in their preferred location and price range. We will design a comprehensive high tech and high touch marketing strategy to attract the maximum number of tenants to the property as early in the campaign as possible. This activity generates energy and competition between tenants to make a favorable application before they miss out.


We are selective & discerning when it comes to maintaining the quality of our tenants.

  • A detailed screening process starts with…
  • 100-point identification check
  • Previous and current rental history
  • Current Employment
  • Personal & Business references history
  • Confirmation of earnings
  • Visa Information
  • Next of kin/emergency contact


As members of Equifax (Veda) we can access information on defaulting tenants. We also source up to date prospective tenant’s previous rental records. After applicants are fully referenced, we encourage you take part in the selection and decision process.



Entry/Exit Reports


Prior to a tenant moving into their new home we carry out a comprehensive entry reports that include images and texts to highlight the properties condition prior the tenancy period. We then use this report to check the property after the tenancy has ended. When tenants vacate the property, we carry out a final inspection ensuring that they leave it in a condition equivalent to when they entered less normal wear and tear. all inspections are conducted by one of our staff members.



Routine inspections


Routine Inspections are conducted every 17 weeks or 3 inspections per annum. You are welcome to attend each inspection and following each inspection you will receive a comprehensive report on the overall condition of the property inclusive of photographs.



Collection of Rental Payments


We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy which we outline clearly to all tenants when they sign their tenancy agreement. We make it easy and accessible for them to pay their rents. Tenants have multiple options to pay rent into our trust account so remove any potential resistance, assisting to have your rent paid to you on time and every time!

Some of the options available are Direct Debt, Bpay, Credit Card and Bank Transfer. Rent is paid to our trust account on the nominated payment dates by your tenants and then made directly to the owners nominated bank account monthly followed by a statement via email highlighting the payment breakdown any attached invoices that month.



Repairs and Maintenance


We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. At Harcourts Astute, we encourage your tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing. Upon a tenant reporting a maintenance issue, we will contact you for your instructions or in the case of an emergency a tradesperson will be instructed immediately to reduce further damage or loss. All trades people we use are fully referenced ensuring that they are qualified, registered with insurance and work cover policies in place



Payment of Outgoings


Council and water rates, body corporate levies, landlord insurance premiums are just some of the accounts we can pay on your behalf from received rental monies, if authorized.

Approved maintenance will be invoiced by the relevant tradesperson and will be deducted from received rental monies. A copy will be attached to your monthly statement.

Our team can pay any or all outgoings and other expenses relating to your investment with rental funds – if authorized. When payments are made copies of EVERY invoice will be attached to your monthly statements



Management, commission and administration fees


Management fees incorporate the overall management of your property and include advertising for prospective tenants, applications right through to selection process, preparation of leases, new tenant property reports including photos and written reports, routine inspections, maintenance supervision, finalizing leases, lease renewals (monitor and review the rental pricing market to ensure you achieve the highest return possible) control rent arrears, collection of rent, bond lodgment, insurance claims and general liaison with you the owner.

Monthly statements will be emailed and include copies of invoices paid with an itemized income (rent collected) and expenditure (outgoings) ledger.



Arrears management


Harcourts Astute have a daily arrears management routine, this procedure ensures timely reminders, remedy breach notices and vacate notices are actioned:

4 days in arrears - SMS reminder message

7 days in arrears - phone call reminder

8 days in arrears - notice to remedy breach issued with 7 days to remedy (Agencies are not legally allowed to issue remedy notices prior to this point)

17 days in arrears- notice to leave issued with 7 days to vacate (Should this occur, you will be informed immediately).



Landlord’s Insurance


Whilst rental reference checks are completed as thoroughly and lawfully allowed, we cannot predict or know how a tenant’s future liability to meet their tenancy obligations can be affected in the event of death/long illness, loss of job, relationship split etc.

We recommend all owners arrange ‘landlord protection insurance’ to protect your investment. Public liability insurance is also imperative, strata title properties only

provide cover in common areas, not inside the property.



Legislative requirements & recommendations


  • Keys to be provided –one full set for our office and one full set for each tenant/s named as the lease holder/s under the lease agreement.
  • All locks are secure and operate effectively with keys.
  • The property must provide adequate security to enable tenant/s to obtain contacts insurance for personal items.



Is your own home being rented for the first time?


We then suggest the following:

  • Redirect mail via Australia post
  • Notify the council of your forwarding address for rates notices if you have not instructed Harcourts Astute to pay the rates on your behalf.
  • Notify Electricity provider, gas, phone and other utility companies to finalize accounts if applicable and provide your forwarding address details.
  • Notify your insurance company and mortgagee of the change of occupancy status.