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Marketing Plan



Advertising is always effective. There are Just a few simple steps needs to be taken to make the difference.




Studies show that professional real estate photos can help a listing rent faster. Since most tenants are starting their search on the internet, showing excellent photos is the best way to present your investment and generate interest. As a result, it can be said professional photography brings more people for inspections thus, renting your property faster.



Floor Plan (optional but beneficial)


Floor plans are perfectly showing the overall layout of the property and visualize the relationship between rooms and spaces. A good floor plan can easily increase customer engagement and magnify the value of the property.





Signboards are a very effective way to attract the attention of passive/potential clients in the area or whomever passes by the sign. It will advertise your property 24/7 and Once your signage is ready to install, there won’t be any further costs to your investment.



Office Window Cards


They allow us to keep updating our windows with our latest property and listing. That means your property will be displayed in window cards on a LED display.





Good copywriting should create a connection between property and tenant whilst creating a journey through the home. The correct copywriting will in turn encourage the reader to take action on the property.




Online Listing


Harcourts Astute has multiple digital platforms for properties which makes it available for viewing during work hours and after hours.


Harcourts Astute Website


All the property listings can be viewed in our website with all their details and information including professional images.



Real Estate Portals


Having your listing on the real-estate portals can easily provide passive tenants, regardless of their location. It saves time for people to do their search and your investment can reach to a wider audience simply by sitting in front of a computer.



Social Media Advertising


With reducing marketing costs for real estate advertising, social media enables you to directly interact with your potential customers and find their requirements without having to meet them face to face.

There is a huge number of advertising audience in social media and it’s essential that your investment will appear in this platform.

By using factors like location, demographic, and appropriate hashtags we can target your property to the people who really suits them.



Advanced targeting via Email Marketing & Social Media Advertising


Using this method enables our team to reach the “right people” at the “right time” in the “right place”.

being able to show your property at platforms including Facebook and Instagram will provide maximum engagement and enquiries with the targeted audience.

At Harcourts Astute we serve the right message to the right tenant from our extensive database via email marketing. This approach will result on bringing more people for open houses and inspections and ultimately promote higher sales rental fees for owners.