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Our Promise

Our Promise Of Service


Our mission is to create clients for life. To achieve this, we commit to Our Promise; a written assurance that we will deliver you an exceptional level of service and, most importantly, deliver on your primary objective – to achieve the best possible result for your property.


Our Promise is made up of essential services that you, our clients, need from us so that you’re confident in the process we use to market your property.


Our Promise is your absolute assurance of how seriously we take our responsibilities on your behalf and the importance we place on our working relationship with you.


Our Promise to you is your assurance that you will have access to all documents, marketing and scheduled activities to do with your investment property at every step of the way. We will be diligent in providing feedback to you after every showing of your property. We will closely monitor market activity in your area that could impact on your investment property and prepare regular reports to keep you fully informed. We will be transparent in our communication and accountable with regular meetings scheduled with you to discuss our progress.



Proactive Communication


From the commencement of the management, we aim to provide you with an exceptional Property Management service. This relies heavily on our communication with you as the owner, as well as your tenant.


We will notify your tenant the next working day of a late rental payment.

We will inform you of all actions taken until the rent is no longer in arrears.

We will notify you within 24 hours of your tenant giving notice to vacate the property.

We will commence a proactive marketing campaign the next business day, to minimise your vacancy rate.



Minimise Risk


With our strict policies and procedures, all risk to your property is minimised.


We will qualify all applicants for their financial ability to pay the rent, prior to being put forward to you as a potential tenant.

We will check all applicants’ previous rental histories to ensure we place only the best tenants in your property.

We will complete a full and comprehensive report with photos, prior to any tenant moving into the property to avoid any disagreements at the end of the tenancy.

We will conduct regular and thorough inspections throughout the tenancy. Full reports including photos will be sent to you along with any maintenance recommendations within 24 hours of the completed inspection.



Maximise Return on Investment


Our ultimate goal is to assist you in maximising the returns on your investment property.


We will prepare and send you an annual Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your property.

We will discuss with you what we consider to be optimal rental charge for your investment in the current market.

We will send you a comprehensive property statement annually for tax purposes.

We will regularly review the surrounding market and inform you of any recommended improvements that may increase the value of your property.