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About Harcourts Astute

Our History


Harcourts Astute is a leading Real Estate office based out of Paddington, QLD servicing our client’s property needs since 2012. From humble beginnings the business started with a chair, a desk and a 3-year-old computer and now have grown to one of the leading Property Management businesses representing the lowest vacancy and highest staff retention rates in the industry.


Our staff are fully informed and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the relevant legislation to provide peace of mind to you the owner. A working knowledge and understanding of this act, as well as other acts of parliament gives you the confidence that we, Harcourts Astute will be acting in your best interests- legally, ethically and financially, always.


Constant service, communication, working in a partnership throughout the Leasing and Management process is paramount to a successful Property Management team. Harcourts Astute believes that our premium property/asset management services are the most comprehensive available. Managing your investment asset is a responsibility we treat with the utmost importance and we consider it a privilege






We Are Becoming Paperless


According to the National Waste Report from 19/Nov 2018 by Blue Environment, Australian homes and offices generate 5.6 Million Tons of paper and cardboard waste from sources such as printing, writing and reading. Decreasing the amount of using paper, reduces the use of energy, water and raw materials that go into paper production.


Here at Harcourts Astute, our office is significantly reducing our use of paper and in our Property Management department alone we have cut in house paper usage by a whopping 95%, with the intention of making 100% in the coming months. Instead, we have everything that we need to service your investment at the highest standard with the lowest impact on the environment through technology. By using the most up to date, efficient and user-friendly platforms we have been able to not only decrease our carbon footprint but increase our time and dedication to you, our customers.


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