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History Of Harcourts

Celebrating 125 Years!


We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity, and are committed to achieving the best possible result for them.

John Bateman Harcourt, head of one of Wellington’s first families, establishes real estate and auctioneering company, Harcourt and Co. Two sons, Gordon and Stanton later join him and by early 1900s it boasts five trading divisions.


Stanton Harcourt goes into partnership with employee, Hec Fisher. Upon Stanton’s retirement Hec takes sole charge.


Hec Fisher's son, Robert becomes manager of Harcourt and Co. with partner, Roger Whyte.


Harcourt and Co. makes its first major move outside of Wellington by establishing an Auckland valuation practice.


Harcourt and Co. opens a commercial sales office in Auckland, followed by a property management and a consultancy practice.


Following negotiations with Stephen Collins from Christchurch-based Collins Real Estate a joint venture company, Harcourts Real Estate Ltd, is formed to operate the residential and rural side of the business.

The first Harcourts Bluebook is published.


Stephen Collins assumes chief executive role of Harcourts Real Estate Ltd.

A commitment is made to become a nationwide property services company which begins a period of vigorous expansion throughout the North Island.


Harcourts breaks the 1,000 sales a month barrier, with 1,017 sales worth $128,391,000.


Harcourts begins franchising its 60 offices nationwide, with the first in the Wairarapa.


Stephen Collins and co-directors Paul Wright, Jo-Anne Clifford and Bob Cooper lead a management buy-out of Harcourts from Tower Corporation to form Harcourts Group.

Harcourts has 110 franchised offices nationwide.

Harcourts, in partnership with the New Zealand Police, launches the National Crime Prevention Programme.


1992 – 1995
Harcourts continues to expand and develop its franchise business system, The Harcourts Way.

Harcourts breaks the $3 billion in sales per year barrier.


Harcourts launches the first public searchable property database on the internet. The website attracts 600 visitors for 3,000 properties viewed on the first weekend.

Harcourts launches partnership with the New Zealand Fire Service.


Headed by former Harcourts franchise owner Mike Green, Harcourts expands its operation into Australia, opening six offices in Queensland and a State Office in Brisbane.

Harcourts launches its Intranet, an on-line resource library.

Harcourts and National Mutual form joint venture company, Mortgage Express NZ Ltd, to offer mortgage products and other financial services.


Harcourts Property System, an on-line listing and client management software programme is launched.

Harcourts Financial Services is launched in Queensland as a mortgage brokerage, insurance and financial services provider.

Harcourts breaks the $4 billion in sales per year barrier.

Harcourts has 170 offices in New Zealand and Australia.

Harcourts launches its Australian website.


Harcourts Card, a credit line offered in conjunction with AGC, is launched in Queensland.

Harcourts Legal Services is launched in Queensland, providing conveyancing to clients.

The franchising business system, The Harcourts Way, is launched on-line.

Executive chairman, Stephen Collins hands over the reins to managing director Mike Green, and general manager, Paul Wright.


Harcourts Card is launched in New Zealand – a first for real estate in New Zealand.

Harcourts launches support for Heart Foundation in New Zealand.


Mortgage Express becomes solely owned subsidiary of Harcourts after buying out balance of shareholding from AXA.

Harcourts Queensland launches support for Australian Heart Foundation.

Harcourts focuses on growing its rural market-share, and strengthening its presence in Auckland by opening 11 new offices.

Harcourts launches client services programme, The Harcourts Promise.

Harcourts opens 200th office and achieves sales contracts in excess of $5 billion for the year.

Harcourts achieves 100,000 visitors per month to its New Zealand website.


Harcourts, now with 155 offices throughout New Zealand and 56 in Australia, continues to expand its operation in both countries.

Harcourts launches The Academy, a training system providing a career path in real estate.

Harcourts achieves 150,000 visitors per month to its New Zealand and Australian websites.

Harcourts completes more than 30,000 sales contracts valued in excess of $7 billion.

Stephen Collins sells his shareholding and controlling interest in Harcourts International to Mike Green and Paul Wright.

Perpetual Trust, a trustee and financial services company, becomes a partner in Mortgage Express.

Harcourts expands its Australian operation into New South Wales, taking ownership of 19 offices in Sydney.


Harcourts now has a total of 250 offices in the South Pacific and close to 2500 sales consultants.

Harcourts manage the sale of over 1,000 properties in a single week, and over 4,000 in a single month

Harcourts International manages the sale of over 44,000 properties recording $11.5 billion in sales up 48 percent on the previous year.

Harcourts expand into Fiji with its first office opened in Suva in October

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International Ltd invited to join leading business organisation, the New Zealand Business Roundtable.

Harcourts becomes exclusive South Pacific member of RELO, a worldwide network of real estate companies with more than 700 companies and over 3,500 offices across the globe.


Harcourts takes ownership of the Roy Weston Group of 61 Offices in Western Australia and Indonesia

Harcourts forms joint ventures with leading independent Tasmanian company M&M Real Estate and Brock Real Estate in South Australia

Harcourts completes more than 40,000 sales contracts valued in excess of $11.5 billion.

Harcourts International opens 74 new offices and 1,049 additional sales consultants join the team over 2004 for a total of 346 offices.

Harcourts now has over 335 Offices and 2800 sales consultants in the South Pacific.


Harcourts International records best month ever in its 117 year history writing $1.4 billion of sales in February alone

Harcourts New Zealand achieves first billion dollar month in March writing $1.013 billion worth of property contracts.

www.harcourts.co.nz consistently most visited real estate group website in New Zealand with an average of over 165,000 unique visitors a month (Source: Nielson/NetRatings)

Harcourts International reaches 362 offices.

Harcourts achieves another milestone of $15.5 billion in sales for the year.

Harcourts has 372 offices by the end of 2005 in its network across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Fiji.


By the end of 2006, Harcourts has 431 offices across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Fiji.

Harcourts offices manage a new annual record of $17.5 billion in property sales.

In December, Harcourts’ websites have 993,999 unique visitors with harcourts.co.nz still the top real estate group site in New Zealand, and harcourts.com.au in the top five Australian real estate group websites.

Harcourts opens its first ‘virtual office’ in Second Life (www.secondlife.com) making it the first known major real estate group with a virtual office.

Harcourts maintains exclusive South Pacific membership of the largest real estate network in the world – Leading Real Estate Companies in the World which includes 5,500 offices and 160,000 Sales Consultants across 26 countries.

Harcourts launches another Australasian first by including the Google Mapping system on its public websites.

Harcourts Directors Mike Green and Paul Wright promote Harcourts to potential joint venture partners at a major China Franchise Exposition in Shanghai, resulting in close to 80 expressions of interest.

Harcourts announces full ownership of the mortgage broking company it was instrumental in setting up in 1997, Mortgage Express Limited.


Harcourts announces a joint venture with the MPRE group of 24 offices in Victoria, Australia to create MPRE Harcourts. Harcourts now has offices in every single state in Australia.


Harcourts International launches its own charitable foundation – The Harcourts Foundation 'To provide support that helps, grows, and enriches our communities'.

Harcourts expands into China, partnering with a major Shanghai developer, and opens in Shanghai.

Harcourts enter into a Joint venture with top South African real estate group, Homenet. 135 offices in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia join and rebrand to Harcourts.

Harcourts International launches its own charitable foundation - The Harcourts Foundation 'to provide support that helps, grows, and enriches communities'.


Harcourts expands into Hong Kong.

Donations to The Harcourts Foundation reach $500,000.

Harcourts has over 615 offices, operating in 9 countries and completing in excess of $22 billion in written sales.


Harcourts enters Joint Venture partnership with USA company Altera to operate in California.

In Australasia Harcourts form joint venture with NAI Global to form new Commercial real estate company NAI Harcourts.


Harcourts enters Joint Venture partnership with Landmark to form Landmark Harcourts, Australia's leading regional and rural real estate brand with over 130 real estate branches nationwide.

Donations to the Harcourts Foundation exceed $1,000,000.

Harcourts expands to Hong Kong.

Harcourts wins big at the International Real Estate Conference receiving the award for "Best New Media" recognising the company's iPad and iPhone Applications, media center, eBluebooks, Harcourts Answers website, social media and company blogs.


Harcourts launches premium marketing brand Luxury Property Selection.

Mortgage Express has its biggest month in July, settling $79,556,297.

Harcourts Complete, a free service offered to all Harcourts clients providing all the relevant real estate services required before, during or after a transaction is launched.


Harcourts celebrates 125 years since founder, JB Harcourts first started the company, then called Harcourt & Co.

Over the past 125 years, Harcourts experienced astronomical growth, from becoming the largest and most recognised real estate brand in New Zealand to ranking amongst the top three real estate companies in Australia.

By 2013, Harcourts had expanded across New Zealand, Australia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa and the USA.


Harcourts New Zealand are voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the second year running.

Harcourts USA launches auction platform for the first time as Harcourts footprint grows across the USA, Indonesia and for NAI Harcourts.

Harcourts introduces two new industry leading apps for agents


Harcourts New Zealand are voted ‘New Zealand’s Most Trusted Real Estate Brand’ for the third year running.

Harcourts opens its first office in the United Arab Emirates, Harcourts Dubai.

Harcourts suite of custom apps are recognised by Apple for a profile highlighting Harcourts technology through Apple websites and iTunes.